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Causes & Reconditioning of Battery Vulcanization
Battery vulcanization is the main reason for the capacity decrease and shortened life of lead-acid batteries. However, most vulcanized batteries can be restored. The successful reconditioning rate can reach 91%(Capacity reach 80%+ of rated capacity)
DK Battery Testing Equipment Voltage Calibration
DK Battery Testing Equipment Voltage Calibration
How Long Does a Hybrid Car Battery Last?
Much like almost any other car part, or electrical part, hybrid batteries can fail at almost any given time. Some might last up to 70,000 miles while others can go the distance and power your car for up to 200,000 miles.
Interpretation of The 2017 Fourth-Generation Toyota Prius Traction Battery Pack
Total energy: 0.75KWh, system nominal voltage: 207.2V. 
Cell voltage: 3.7V, cell series-parallel structure: 1P56S, composed of two 1P28S modules connected in series.
What is the recoverable memory effect of nickel metal hydride batteries
Unlike lithium batteries, when sealed nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH) repeat incomplete charge-discharge cycles, the battery has a recoverable voltage drop and capacity reduction. For example, the battery is fully discharged and charged first, and
Analyze The Reason of Common Bulge of Lithium Battery
Lithium battery is a kind of rechargeable battery, which mainly relies on the intercalation and deintercalation of lithium ions between the positive electrode and the negative electrode to achieve energy storage and release. 
The Importance Of Establishing Regular Charge & Discharge Maintenance System For Batteries
It's essential to establishing the scheduled battery testing and maintenance system to keep your batteries health and prolong the service life. Keep operating reliably and safely, ensuring your batteries are operating optimally and avoid downtime.
Ni-MH Battery Charging Maintenance Method
The PICK CUT control method of constant current charging for Ni-MH batteries is the best charging method when the charging voltage reaches the highest level, stopping to continue charging. This is also the way that Ni-MH batteries are different from lithi
The Bucket Effect In the EV Power Battery & The Repair and Maintenance of Battery
With the gradual popularization of new energy electric vehicles, today you may also own green new energy electric vehicles, become a supporter of green environmental protection and enjoy the different feelings that electric vehicles bring to you. However
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