Storage Battery Comprehensive Testing Regeneration System

Item No.: DK-GN50
Input Power: AC200V~245V50/60HZ
Applicable Batteries: Lead-acid batteries
Functions: pulse desulfurization, high-frequency activation, charge-discharge testing
Operation Method: Panel
Storage Batteries Comprehensive Testing Regeneration System is the large-scale professional battery reconditioning equipment that is suitable for testing and reconditioning the lead-acid batteries. It is integrated with charge and discharge testing, pulse desulfurization, high-frequency activation, constant current overcharge repair, capacity grading, so on. It can repair the common issues of lead-acid batteries such as the water-loss, sulfurization, and slight voltage imbalance, etc.  It is especially suitable for the maintenance and reconditioning of all kinds of lead-acid batteries, which has the obvious effect on prolonging the battery life and widely used in battery after-sales maintenance service, battery recycling industry, etc.

Battery after-sales maintenance service, e-waste recycling industries, etc.

Applicable Batteries:  
6V/8V/12V/16V Lead-acid batteries.


►The equipment adopts the design of the independent modular structure, easy maintenance, and the modules do not affect each other. Even if the individual modules fail, it will not affect the normal use of other modules.

►The circuit is connected by the connectors for convenient replacement

► Multiple protection including over-current protection, over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection.

► Built-in cooling fan to help the heat dissipation and improve the stability.

► Charging-Discharging Test: Suitable for lead-acid battery 6V, 12V, 16V, 18V. It integrates charge, discharge, and cycle charge-discharge, it can accurately measure the battery capacity(it can be discharged in parallel by multiple channels to increase discharge test current and achieve the purpose of a higher current discharge), also can process the regular charge-discharge maintenance for the stock batteries to keep the good condition.

► Pulse Regeneration:  Adopting the technology of high-frequency pulse desulfurization, it has a good non-destructive repair effect on the sulfated batteries. The current is adjustable during operation to accommodate the different specification batteries.

► High-frequency activation: Adopt pulse high current (peak up to 200A) to carry out special strengthening treatment to the battery, it has a significant effect on activating severely vulcanized batteries (cannot be charged or discharged).

Technical Specification:
Model No.: DK-GN50
Total Channel Number: 50 Channels
Pulse Repair Channels: 24 Channel
Capacity Test Channels: 24 Channels
HF Activating Repair Channels: 2 Channels
Power Supply: AC 220V±10% 50 Hz
Power: No-load 620 W, Full-loading 7 KW
Power Factor: 0.85
Pulse Repair
Waveform: 8330 Hz Square wave
Pulse Edge: ≤20ns
Duty Ratio: Adjustable
Max. Output Average Current: ≥0.8A
Max. Discharge Current: 20A(0.5-20A) adjustable
Max. Charge Current: 10A (0.5-10A) adjustable
Min. discharge final voltage: Can be adjusted to 2V
Max. charge voltage: Can be adjusted to 23V
HF Activating Repair Channels
Pulse Frequency: 15 kHz
Max. Peak Current: 200A
Average Value of Output Current: 0-10A Constant current adjustable
Max. Average Current: ≥10A

Functions & Illustrations:

► The Panel of Pulse Regeneration
The high-frequency pulse sulfur removal technology has a good and non-destructive repair effect on the battery with negative plate sulphurization.

 The Panel of High-Frequency Activation
Adjustable pulse high current (peak up to 200A) carries out special activation and strengthening treatment for the battery, which has the effect of greatly increasing the capacity of the battery with the softened positive plate. 

► The Panel of Charge-Discharge Testing.
Precision capacity measuring, charge and discharge performance test, cycle charge and discharge maintenance, constant current overcharge reconditioning, etc can be performed on 6V, 8V, 12V, 16V, 18V batteries. 

Packing  Information:
Produce Size216*40*181 cm(L*W*H)
Pcs/Ctn:            1 set packed in 4 cartons
Package Value:   1.05 m3

G.W.:                 185 kgs
N.W.:                 165 kgs


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