6V/8V/12V New Energy Large Capacity Battery Charge Discharge Tester SF1000 15V 100A

Item No.: SF1000
Input Power: AC200V~245V50/60HZ
Applicable Batteries: Lead-acid/Li-ion / Polymer / NiMH / NiCd battery cells
Con-Voltage Range: 1.7V-2.4V(2V)  5V-15V(6/12V)
Discharge Current: 1A-100A
Charge Current: 1A-30A
Operation Method: Panel/Software
SF1000 is the dedicated battery testing instrument with the main function of precision capacity testing, charge and discharge characteristic testing, auto cycle balance maintenance, test data analysis & recording of various large capacity new energy batteries of 2V, 6V, 8V, 12V.  Its automatic charge-discharge loop function can regenerate the early failure batteries. The device can set the precision charge program according to the specific charging curve by the user, so as to achieve the most accurate test and the best maintenance.

Charging-Discharging Steps Are Customized According To Battery Charging And Discharging Characteristics

The SF1000 Host Machine is with a 7-inch touch screen, which can manage up to 1 host and 5 slaves at the same time, the host machine and salve machine adopt RF wireless and 485 wire communication.

Installing the dedicated software of this device, which can operate the devices online through network: charge and discharge parameter setting, data collection, test report import and export, test data analysis, and so on.


SF1000 can be used for testing tubular batteries, high-power ordinary lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and other new energy batteries. It's widely used in testing, regular maintenance for large capacity new energy batteries applied in Electric Tricycles, Electric Vehicles, UPS power supply, Solar Energy Storage, Telecom Base Station, Ships, Electric forklifts, Scissors Aerial Work Platform and many other fields. SF1000 is the professional testing and maintenance equipment to keep the new energy battery operate reliably & safely and maximize the service life. 

Applicable Batteries:  
Lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and other new energy batteries.


► Super cost-effective. One host can increase the capacity of 5 auxiliary machines. The unit equipment is managed by a registration mechanism, which can be any combination of equipment from 1 to 6, sharing the same mainboard for management. 

► One computer can manage up to 64 hosts at the same time through the switch connection to meet the needs of large-scale testing.

► Fully compatibility with the batteries of Li-ion, Polymer, Ni-MH, NiCd, and so on.

► The operation is safe and reliable. The battery connection adopts a double circuit breaker connection and is equipped with a trip unit, which can completely disconnect the battery in any short circuit, over current, over temperature and other error conditions. 

► With the work steps of Constant Current Discharge, Constant Power Discharge, Constant Resistance Discharge, Constant Current Charge, Constant Voltage Charge, Constant Current & Voltage Charge, Internal Resistance Test and Idle, etc.

► Multiple work step setting. There are a total of 64 working step states, you can flexibly set the charge and discharge phases of 64 working steps or less, and you can set the idle, pause, and cycle steps to meet the needs of different working steps. 

► Work step automatically switching.

► It adopts a 7-inch high-sensitivity color LCD touch screen display, and parameter setting and operation can be carried out directly on the touch screen. 

► Full English menu operation, clear interface, each step of operation prompts can be displayed on the screen, which is convenient for users to use.

► LED indicator light shows the running status of the equipment.

► All charge and discharge parameters can be viewed on the screen. The charge-discharge voltage curves can be displayed in real-time by computer software.

► With the power-down memory function, you can choose to continue to execute the power-down work step after restart.

► It has the function of parameter preset and modification. Common parameters can be preset in the machine. When testing, you only need to select the corresponding work step program and start it with one key, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to use. 

► Powerful loop function. The battery can be charged and discharged in a cycle for N consecutive times (no more than 9999 times).

► With USD interface, data can be exported to the computer for storage.

► The system operation software is included with the machine, the operation is simple, and the data analysis is concise and clear. It can analyze the long-term battery charging and discharging operation status, and discover various problems that affect the battery quality in time

► Modular design, the equipment is easy to maintain in the future and easy to disassemble and assemble. 

► The battery testing cable is 3 meters long, and the 35 square electric welding machine standard cable, which makes the testing more convenient. 

► The bottom of the machine is equipped with 4 universal wheels for easy movement.

Technical Specification:
Model No.: SF1000
Input Voltage: AC 220V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz
Voltage Constant Voltage Range: 1.7V-2.4V(2V)  5V-15V(6/12V)
  Resolution Ratio: 0.01V
  Accuracy: 0.25%
Current Charge Current: 1A-30A(2V)    1A-100A(6V/12V)
  Discharge Current: 1A-30A
  Resolution Ratio: 0.1A
  Accuracy: 1%
Data Recording Data Recording Conditions Time interval
    Voltage interval
    Current interval
Charge Charge Modes: Constant current charge
    Constant voltage charge
    Constant current & voltage charge
  Charge Cut-off Conditions: Voltage, current, time, capacity, -△V.
Discharge Discharge Modes: Constant current discharge
    Constant power discharge
    Constant resistance discharge
  Charge Cut-off Conditions: Voltage, current, time, capacity.
Cycle Cycle Index: 1-9999 times
Temperature Monitoring Temperature Detecting Range: 0℃-65℃
Protection Power-down protection
  Reverse connection
  Over-temperature protection
  Over-voltage protection
  Short-circuit protection
Connection Between Host And Slave Wireless/485
Host Capacity Expansion 5 sets of slaves
IP Grade IP20
High Voltage Insulation Between Channels AC1000V/2min Normal
Voltage & Current Test Sampling 3m 35 square 4 core wires connection
Noise < 76 dB
Host Computer Communication Method based on TCP/IP protocol
Test Report Output Method Excel
Server Disk Configuration >100GB
Server Operation System Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10
Communication Port LAN
Equipment Work Ambient Conditions
Operation Ambient Temperature 0 ℃ - 40 ℃
Storage Temperature -10 ℃ - 50 ℃
Operation Ambient Humidity ≤ 70 % RH (No condensation)
Storage Ambient Humidity ≤ 80 % RH (No condensation)


Packing  Information:
Produce Size42*28*36 cm(L*W*H)
Pcs/Ctn:            1 pc/ctn
Package Size:   69*40*53 cm(L*W*H)
G.W.:                 21.00 kgs
N.W.:                 19.00 kgs

Screen Interfaces:

Operation interface

Setting interface

Software Interfaces:

Main Interfaces

List Display

Work Step Setting

Single Channel Data Analysis

Multiple Channel Data Analysis and Comparison

Test Data Exporting

Device Connection Diagram:

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