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Application of DT50W, DT2020, DSF2010 Isolation Testing Technology in Battery Pack Testing and Maintenance

►In the production of lithium batteries, the entire battery pack fails to pass the test, and it is impossible to accurately determine the defective unit. Is it better to disassemble the entire battery pack and restart the production process or is there a quick and effective way to find the unqualified unit?

►In sales, if you encounter substandard batteries and complaints within the warranty period, you can only return them to the manufacturer, or are there any other better solutions? 

►After using an electric vehicle for a period of time, the cruising range will be shortened, the battery capacity will be reduced, and the problem of mileage anxiety will always accompany your travel. Is it expensive to replace the entire battery pack or is there a more economical way? 

With the wide application of lithium batteries in many fields, we have to face the quality problems of lithium batteries. After a period of use, there will be many problems such as capacity decline and premature aging. It is very important to find a fast and effective solution for battery testing and maintenance. When the lithium battery pack is poorly tested, it is often caused by the imbalance of one or several cells. As long as the unqualified cell is found and replaced, the problem can be solved. Or the battery capacity drops sharply during use. It is not that the entire battery pack is really aging and damaged. It is also that the capacity of one or several of the battery cells has decreased, causing the entire battery pack to be unbalanced. The issues will be solved as long as repair or replace the faulty cell. The worst unit in the battery pack will determine the overall performance of the battery pack, which is the short-board effect of the battery. 

The isolation testing technology of DT50W, DT2020, DSF2010 can determine the position of the defective battery cell without disassembling the battery cells and then replace it; You can even run several cycles of charge and discharge on an unbalanced battery pack to balance the battery back to a normal balanced state.


The lithium battery pack is composed of a number of cells in series and in parallel. The isolation testing principle of DT50W, DT2020, DSF2010 is to connect each string of positive and negative poles in the battery pack for charge-discharge and balance maintenance, and testing the operation performance of the cells, maintain the imbalance between the cells to restore it to a normal balance level, and replace unqualified units to avoid destructive damage to the battery caused by continued use. At the same time, it avoids the damage to the battery cell due to the huge workload of disassembling the entire battery pack and the possible secondary welding damages. 

the corresponding number of single machines can be configured to a testing cabinet to complete the one-go test for the whole battery pack, quickly finds out the defective battery cells, quickly and efficiently repair the battery back to the normal use state.

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